PCC Zone F Cells | Kabwata to Chalala

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This Zone is headed by:

Elder Masumbu
Elders Aubrey and Penny Masumbu

Chalala - Woodlands

Elders Aubrey and Penny Masumbu
Cell: +26 095-5740455, +26 096-6740455
Email: aubreymasumbu@gmail.com, pennykalesha@yahoo.co.uk
Home Address: Plot 19443,Siyantumba Rd,Chalala

Chilenje South

Deacons Arnold and Bridget Malake
Cell: +26 096-6728956, +26 097-8464397
Email:arnold.malake@zanaco.co.zm, bridget.malake@zanaco.co.zm
Home Address: Flats, Chilenje

Sr. Maggie Ngulube
Cell: +26 097-8694341
Email: maggielungu200@yahoo.com
Home Address: House No. Kalomo Rd, Chilenje


Sr. Lillian Sichunga
Cell: +26 0978708146
Email: lilliansichunga@gmail.com
Home Address: House # 0139, Chande Street, Kabwata.

Nyumba Yanga

Deacon Emmanuel Nswana
Cell: +26 0979696331
Email: ensana@praisechristiancentre89.org
Home Address: Hse #. 9812/3/71 Nyumba Yanga

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