Cells in Zone B | PHI to Mutumbi

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This Zone is headed by:

elder Chansa
Elders Chifumbe (HRH Chief Kaputa) and Anna Chansa

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Chainama - Minestone

Elder Anna Chansa
Cell: +26 096-6747414
Email: cchifumbe@yahoo.co.uk
Home Address: Plot.111, Minestone Chainama

Christopher and Megan Kabamba
Cell: +26 097-7544733, +26 096-6697162
Email: christkabamba@gmail.com
Home Address: Finance Flats

PHI - Chainama

Deacons Chris and Mwila Kanema
Cell: +26 097-7747106, +26 097-4297697
Email: cmkanema@gmail.com, mwilakanema@gmail.com
Home Address: PHI

Chainama College

Sr. Mwamba Nayame
Cell: +26 096-6532337
Home Address: Chainama Complex staff Houses

Kaunda Square Stage 1

Sr. Mwila Phiri
Cell: +26 097-7422452
Home Address: Kaunda Square Stage 1

Kaunda Square Stage 2

Pastor and Mrs. Chimba Kafula
Cell: +26 097-7544733, +26 097-7122086
Email: chimbakafula2007@yahoo.com
Home Address: Plot.No. 234/07 ,Kaunda Square Stage 2

Chamba Valley,Hybrid ,Mutumbi

Sr. Mary Chipampwe
Cell: +26 097-8085151
Email: marychimpampwe@yahoo.com
Home Address: No.Sub-Division B/44/E/F 609

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