PCC Zone C Cells | UNZA to Munali

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This Zone is headed by:

elder Musondas
Elders Barnubus and Prisca Musonda

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Hands Worth Court

Elder Prisca Musonda
Cell: +26 097-8825283
Email: pmusonda@yahoo.co.uk
Home Address: Hands Worth Park, C1- Unza Campus

Mrs. Christine Achiume
Cell: +26
Home Address: Handsworth Park, Lubumbashi Road


Peter and Prisca Lisulo
Cell: +26 096-6171264
Email: plisulo@gmail.com
Home Address: Plot No.9710B Central Street, Chudleigh

Deacons Chola and Pamela Mataka
Cell: +26 097-7808490
Email: pammataka@gmail.com
Home Address: House No 10,21st Street, Chudleigh

UNZA Fellowship

Ben Nkombo
Cell: +26 097-7144032
Email: unza@praisechristiancentre89.org
Home Address: Christian Centre

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