PCC Zone A Cells | Chongwe To Chelstone

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This Zone is headed by:

elder Kapitolo
Elders David and Mirriam Kapitolo

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Elders David and Mirriam Kapitolo
Cell: +26 097-7415043, +26 097-7806584
Email: dkapitolo2002@yahoo.co.uk
Home Address: Farm Sub/Div 87A, Chongwe

Avondale/ Villa Wanga

Deaconess Hellen Mwakanandi
Cell: +26 0977 332296
Email: hmwakanandi@gmail.com
Home Address: 48 Senanga Road -Avondale/ Villa Wanga

Br. Chibanga Joseph
Cell: +26 097-7332296
Email: jfchibanga@yahoo.co.uk
Home Address: House No. 571B Off Gardenia Road Avondale

Elder Eppie Chipopola
Cell: +26 097-7815211, +26 095-5815211
Email: eppiechipopola@yahoo.co.uk
Home Address: Plot.No. 621 -Avondale/ Villa Wanga


Deacons Sylvester and Mutepa Machemba
Cell: +26 097-7821127, +26 097-7763244
Email: sbrooksm1@gmail.com
Home Address: House N.480, Avondale

Deacons Prince and Charity Siame
Cell: +26 097-7720304, +26 0977-720253
Email: princesiame@yahoo.com
Home Address: 78, Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe rd., Avondale

Acacia Road - Avondale

Elders Bornface and Sarah Chibela
Cell: +26 097-1552305, +26 097-7822231
Email: newfrontiersltd@gmail.com
Home Address: Plot.No. Acacia Road - Avondale

Avondale- Chainda

Pastor Teddy Chisanga
Cell: +26 097-7480949
Email: chisangateddy@yahoo.com
Home Address: Plot.No.480 New Avondale

Sr. Beverly Chisanga
Cell: +26 097-7507238
Email: beverlychisanga@yahoo.com
Home Address:

Br. Bwalya Victor
Cell: +26 097-7324313, +26 095-5324313
Email: victorbwalya@gmail.com
Home Address:

Salama Park, Ibex Hill, Valley View

Br. Moses Zulu
Cell: +26 095-5888824
Email: zulu.moses@rocketmail.com
Home Address: House No. 421,Salama Park, Ibex Hill

Br. Edwin Ng'ambi
Cell: +26 097-7896601, +26 096-6896601
Email: eddnyt@yahoo.com
Home Address:

Chelstone Off Twin Palm Road

Deacons Maggie and Ben Nkombo
Cell: +26 097-7785332, +26 095-5775838
Email: praxisglobal2@gmail.com
Home Address: 1802 Ngwerere Road,Chelstone

Br. Daniel Nyambe
Cell: +26 097-7962000
Email: dnyambe@airtelzm.blackberry.com
Home Address:

Chelstone Twin Palm Drive

Br. Peter Kansembe
Cell: +26 095-5433709
Email: kansmainv@yahoo.com
Home Address: Plot No. 2004 Palm Drive - Chelstone

Sr. Victoria Malambo
Cell: +26
Home Address:

Sr. Nayotu Nkanza
Cell: +26
Home Address:

Chelstone - Near Catholic Church

Deacon Lameck Chola
Cell: +26 097-7454875
Email: cholachangs@yahoo.com
Home Address: Plot.No.1106 , Ngwerere Road

Mrs. Catherine Mulando
Cell: +26 097-7247750
Home Address: Hse.No.3631,Mkushi Avenue,Chelstone

Chelstone - Police Camp,Kapwelyomba

Br. Richard Muyele
Cell: +26 097-7280266
Home Address: 414 Muzumbu Road, Chelstone

Mrs. Grace Petersen
Cell: +26 097-7192574
Home Address:

Kapilyomba- Extension

Deacon Musonda Chansa
Cell: +26 097-7489206, +26 095-5489206
Email: musondachansa@live.com
Home Address: Hs# 1801, Ngwerere Road, Chelston

Br. Chileshe Mumba
Cell: +26 097-9412767
Home Address:

Mean Wood - Ndeke

Griffin and Maureen Kaunda
Cell: +26 097-7805767, +26 097-74272001
Email: kaugrif@yahoo.co.uk
Home Address: Plot. No. Mean Wood

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